Key Windows 10 S

Key Windows 10 S
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Agree that it is not uncommon for a situation where an operating system is needed that would have the ability to function fully, but it would not have anything unnecessary, since its main purpose is to be used by the student of an educational institution. And here there are problems with the choice, because not all PC users have the opportunity to determine their own choice... That's why, we offer everyone looking to buy a Windows 10 S key, since this option system was developed in Microsoft specifically for such cases and as a consequence, is by far the best solution for you to have the opportunity to purchase it at a very attractive price, but at the same time, the functionality of the system was quite workable.

For which devices is Windows 10 S suitable?

In fact, this OS can be used in conjunction with any computers and laptops, but mostly the program was developed for:

  • Notebooks;
  • Netbooks;
  • Not modern PC.

Of course, no one who does not forbid you to install the system on the most expensive and modern computer, but that will be a little unwise, because the hardware used in the system unit can already cope with any version of the OS, and here you are going to use one of the the most lightweight versions of programs.

The key difference between Windows 10 S

If we consider this system and its colleagues in the shop, then it is worth noting that the difference between the systems you already know and the given one is not as great as it might seem at first glance, but it still has a place and it consists in the following:

  • It is possible to install programs and other components in the editorial office "S" only from the official Windows Store. Of course, on the one hand - this is a huge disadvantage for the system and the user, as they are limited in their actions, but on the other hand - it's just a colossal plus, which is tied for maximum system security. Thus, you can install everything, but only from the Windows Store, but from any pirated software, you have to refuse, because it will not be installed.
  • Someone who has already tried this OS declare that it looks like a previously created version of the system in the editorial "RT" and from some of these users are right, but it is in this comparison that we should take into account the moment that only modern edition of "S" can launch applications that have the value of Win32. Thus, there is no limit to what applications you will install from the Store (Win64 or Win32), they will in any case be fully functional.

Unique update of Windows 10 S system

Despite the fact that Microsoft Windows 10 S has a fairly good number of advantages over its "classmates", there are a number of users who are willing to abandon this OS and by the way, possibility attaching. Anyone can update Windows 10 S to a more complete version of Windows 10 by making a small surcharge. Thus, having worked in the environment of one system, you can easily switch to a full-fledged operation with another system by simply updating the functionality of the program.

Minor add-ons you need to know when buying Windows 10 S

It is also worth noting about the nuances in the operation of the operating system, which can be either of you noticed while working with the program, and may not be seen at all for a long time. That's just how it would not have been, but it's worth mentioning these small details:

  • Use the default browser in this system can only Edge, in addition, in this very browser, the default search will be in the form of a Bing search engine. Of course, there is a prospect that this item will be changed in the near future, but so far everything is in the system the way it is.
  • The appearance of the interface when you buy the Windows 10 S activation key, you probably do not distinguish from the environment of other OSes of the tenth generation, except that the background image of the "Desktop" will be different from the more powerful editions OS of the tenth generation.
  • Also, Microsoft said that they optimized the system in some of its niches, which made it possible to speed up the system in certain processes. One of the most obvious examples of speeding up the operating system is the download speed, which has been reduced by 15 seconds.

As you can see, behind the fairly simple functionality of this edition of Win 10, there is not a pretty bad potential that has a very interesting look and quite large working capabilities that will certainly interest those of you who need a fully functional system at a fairly affordable price.

Sum Amount of discount
2000$ 25%
1800$ 24%
1500$ 23%
1300$ 22%
1000$ 21%
500$ 20%
400$ 19%
350$ 18%
300$ 17%
220$ 16%
200$ 15%
170$ 14%

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