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Buy a Windows 11 Home license
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If your field of activity for work or entertainment is located at home and does not require specialized software capabilities, then you need to buy Windows 11 Home. The uniqueness of this system lies in the fact that it is able to function in completely different planes and at the same time, it will not require a large number of actions from the user, since the bulk of the options in it will be automated. That's why, this OS is most often chosen by all those people who do not want to mess with most settings, but simply want to use the system without interfering with its ecosystem.

The main advantages of Windows 11 Home

Since this version of the system is designed for users working directly at home, it does not have so many built-in options, because there is no need to use corporate add-ons immediately, and there is only a need for the most important thing:

  • Windows Hello is a security system that is significantly different from the usual password entries and everything related to it, since there is a function for scanning the user's biometric data. Thus, a simple scan: face, retina, fingerprint, etc., can give you access to the device and you will not have to remember anything, and even more so, enter;
  • Device encryption – in fact, this is a local security option that automatically begins to hide the data stored on the device if it is used by a user who is not authorized under his account. It is for this reason that many people decide to buy Windows 11 for Home in order to automatically make their work projects inaccessible for editing and deletion by other users;
  • Firewall and network protection-the functional feature of this protection lies in the fact that it constantly monitors the surrounding Internet space and does not allow any malicious manifestations to enter the system. Blocking of dangerous malware is still on the way, which is as safe as possible;
  • Protection on the Internet is a targeted tool designed to control the Internet space that the user" plows". Any, even the smallest critical zones of the Internet network, will be instantly cut off or the user will be notified that there may be some dangers on the resource that he is going to visit;
  • Parental control is an ideal option for monitoring your children if they are very active and often very curious. Moreover, your child will not be able to visit more than one resource marked "18+" and, moreover, will not be able to purchase more than one game application in the Windows Store without your knowledge. In addition, there are other security tools that will surely surprise you with their functionality and practicality;
  • Secure Boot is a very convenient and innovative option that is designed to block any activity of processes in the device that have nothing to do with the operating system. It is this option that is appreciated by those who are worried that their device will not suddenly be blocked by some banner or extortion service, and therefore, they often decide to buy Windows 11 for Home and forget about such problems;
  • Windows Defender is a very old antivirus software that has undergone global changes in recent versions and has become very modern, both visually and functionally. The main features of this "Defender" is that it is as simple as possible to configure and has the opportunity to learn and become much better than it was originally;
  • Digital pen-the support of such a gadget as a digital pen allows you to abandon the keyboard and mouse, makes it possible to transfer the control of the device to a new level. Due to the use of a digital pen, it is possible to easily bring many workflows to a new level, since it becomes possible not only to control the device, but also to enter handwritten text, which is very practical in some areas;
  • Touch input is another addition that can surprise and at the same time please those who do not like to use keyboards, because now they are completely unnecessary if your device has a touch screen. The convenience and practicality of this tool lies in the fact that it is possible to use an adapted keyboard anywhere, which appears at the user's request in an instant and disappears just as quickly if it is not needed;
  • Microsoft Edge is a very modern and at the same time secure browser that was able to get an incredible variety of tools from its creators: security, encryption, voice assistant, etc. In addition, this browser can be considered one of the fastest among its kind;
  • Battery saving mode-will please everyone who carries devices that can function on battery power, because if buy Windows 11, it will be possible to manage the battery life. With this addition, any gadget, regardless of its size and functionality, will be able to surprise you with the time of its work, since it can be increased by 50-70% of what you had before;
  • Getting constant system updates is another important fact that is an integral part of a stable functioning system. The peculiarity of this option lies in the fact that you will always receive stable and constant updates that you do not need to install yourself, since they will be downloaded and installed automatically and without user intervention.

As you may have noticed, the main part of Windows 11 Home applications is aimed at security, since Microsoft has been paying particularly close attention to this aspect in recent years. In addition, there is a fairly large number of modern programs and applications that can be an excellent help for any user interested in using high-quality software tools.

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