License Windows 11 Pro 2PC

License Windows 11 Pro 2PC
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  • Bit Systems: x64, x86
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  • Number of PCs: 2
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Are you ready to buy Windows 11 Pro? Then in the near future a completely new world of almost limitless opportunities for work and entertainment at the computer will open before you. Be sure that more, you will not find yourself in a situation in which you would like to use your system 100%, but there is no such opportunity. Now, any set goals will be achieved much faster, and the final result will not only please you, but will turn your understanding of how any workflow and its final result can look perfect. In addition, there are many things here that have a very interesting and unusual visualization, which only at first glance looks like a mediocre addition, but in fact these are very important elements that are incredibly convenient to work with in everyday life.

Windows 11 Pro Security

  • Windows Hello is a system for recognizing user biometric data, which allows you to refuse to use a password and protect your OS at a higher level;
  • Device encryption-makes it possible not to worry that unauthorized users will be able to access the data, since when this function is active, only users authorized in the system can use the information;
  • Firewall and Internet Protection are an excellent combination of two completely different software tools aimed at the security of the device at the moment when it is attacked: viruses, banners, hackers, blockers, etc.;
  • Parental control-allows parents of minor children to buy Win 11 Pro and forget that their children can see "adult content" or spend parental money on meaningless purchases on the Internet, now this tool will monitor all this;
  • Secure boot – an additional level of protection aimed at those moments when the user's system has not yet booted and at this very moment, some extraneous malware is trying to boot, which are successfully blocked and not loaded;
  • BitLocker or BitLocker To Go-the ability to lock the device without the ability to access data if the device is lost;
  • Windows Defender is a multifunctional antivirus that has the ability to work in completely different directions and protect the OS from a huge number of viruses and other dangers.

Business Functions in Win 11 Pro

  • Group policies – a function that allows you to manage remotely: groups, accounts and computers. In addition, it is possible to use any files and printers for printing;
  • Limited access-makes it possible to perform a group separation of user rights, which allows you to limit or expand user capabilities in terms of using applications and so on.;
  • Dynamic preparation – a chic feature that allows you to turn a regular PC into a corporate device in a matter of minutes;
  • Windows Update Center-makes it possible not only to receive and install updates, but also to manage them. This is especially useful if the Windows 11 Pro license key is used on devices that are aimed at work, not entertainment;
  • "Terminal" mode-allows you to transfer an ordinary computer to the role of a device that will function as a highly specialized one - in the form of a cash register or something similar;
  • Joining a domain – in a few clicks, you can connect to a domain and organize the ability to manage: computers, groups and even accounts.

Specialized features of Windows 11 Professional

  • Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers of our time, as it was able to absorb: all the latest, a high level of security, a powerful software core, great speed and much more;
  • Battery saving mode is a frequently used add-on on laptops and other mobile platforms, since it can be used to increase the life of the device without recharging several times;
  • Digital pen-the ability to abandon the use of the keyboard and use innovative technologies in the form of an electronic feast / electronic pen;
  • Touch input is another addition that allows you to refuse to use the keyboard, it is very important, provided that you have decided to buy a Windows 11 Pro key for a mobile device where the presence of the keyboard was not originally planned. In addition, this option is suitable for other computer monitors that are touch-sensitive.

As you can see, the operating system of 2021 in the face of Windows eleven is the most powerful software, which, in addition to all the above, can boast of the most elegant visual design, which has no analogues. All this, in its entirety, will allow you to take a completely new look at the operating system and its everyday use, regardless of what area it has to be used in.

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