License Windows 7 Home Basic

License Windows 7 Home Basic
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Selection of a high-quality operating system that would be able to function fully, it would have a minimum number of bugs and pre-installed applications for a fairly large number of PC users of our time, turns into some quest, as they can not decide on the choice of the system with which they would it would be comfortable to work in the near future. It is for this reason that Microsoft has developed a Windows 7 Home Basic license with the help of which you can get all the functionality of the operating system that most of you need, but at the same time work with a very compact and quite fast OS, which has nothing superfluous and can boast of quite good options.

It should also be noted that the fact that Windows 7 Home Basic was essentially produced by Microsoft for those countries that at the time of this operating system were read only "developing" on the software market, thus, the Russian market also turned out to be under the current situation, because territorially in the Russian Federation there is a presence of a huge number of computers that are not powerful or modern, but are used by users from 3 to 15 years without any upgrade. Therefore, this OS can be attributed to the software, which is ideal for the average user who does not have the desire and the ability to conduct a permanent upgrade of his computer, but at the same time having the desire to work with him and entertain with it.

New features of Windows 7 Home Basic

When the above-mentioned operating system was developed, among the basic functionalities, the developers noted only some, but everything from the fact that other options have long been added to existing versions of the systems. It is for this reason, the list of the main features of the "seven" was very short:

  • The system has the ability to use active sketches;
  • The system perfectly copes with the expanded support of work in a network. Here it is necessary to understand that it is a question of wireless computer-to-computer networks and about using the general access to the connection to the Internet.
  • The system was able to use several monitors, thereby expanding the working space of the screen.
  • The system has learned to simplify the user's access to frequently used programs, documents and applications.

Main Features of Windows 7 Home Basic

All of the above is certainly good, but if you buy Windows 7 Home Basic, you can see that the above functionality of this OS is not the main achievements, since the program has a lot of functionality that can attract potential the consumer. Among the things that only take place in Win 7, I would like to note the following:

  • The minimum cost of a full-fledged operating system of the seventh generation. When you purchase this system, you do not get a part of it or any cut-down version of the software, but you have the opportunity to fully interact with a high-quality OS, filled with multifaceted features.
  • A completely adequate security system. It is necessary to understand that directly from the operating systems of the seventh generation, unique security algorithms have been introduced to make modern programs already several times safer, as they have acquired a huge number of versatile security applications with which any user can interact if necessary.
  • An updated variation of the appearance of the operating system, which allows you to love the program from the first seconds of its use. Due to its attractive appearance, the program did not become more complicated, and even more so, it did not start to repel users from itself, but, on the contrary, managed to attract them to itself.
  • The ability of the system to work with various programs and applications remained exactly the same as before. Here it is necessary to understand that we are talking about installing third-party software, which in the new OS environment is quite adequately installed and functioning.

As you can see, the operating system in the face of Windows 7 Home Basic is today quite high-quality software, which is ideal for most PC users. It is for this reason that this program is chosen by students in secondary schools and other educational institutions, in addition, users who consider themselves housewives and use computers at home are also interested in working with this system.

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