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Windows 7 Starter
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Very often, novice PC users want to be able to use the operating system as simple as possible and not requiring attention to their settings. That is why most ask the question: “What exactly should they choose...?” In such a situation, we recommend in most cases to buy Windows 7 Starter, since this is exactly the version of the software that was developed in Microsoft in order to enable the huge masses of newbies for the PC, just use the highly professional software in the face of the OS and at the same time, do not think about what is needed: to configure, update or produce within the system, some additional settings. Here, everything is modeled in such a way that by launching the system, you get the opportunity to no longer think that you need to adjust it for yourself, since everything is initially adjusted in such a way as to make the work in the middle of this “seven” as simple and unpretentious as possible.

The main differences between Windows 7 Starter and its classmates

In general, if you compare this system and its analogs developed in the “seven” lines, then you should definitely note that there is nothing more unique and peculiar than this software that you simply cannot find. The main features of this software are its limitations, which, by some strange coincidence of circumstances, does not affect it destructively, but even vice versa. Simply, this software must be studied before its acquisition, and then, you will have a full understanding of what it can give you and why it is acquired. Well, and so, among the most notable present or missing elements in the system, it is worth noting:

  • There is only support for 32-bit processor, which allows using this version of modern OS on very old computers and laptops.
  • Windows 7 Starter license does not have the ability to use “Windows Aero”, which visually makes the system more faded, but in terms of functionality, it turns it into something practical and less CPU-loadable, especially if does not apply to processors released in the past few years.
  • There is no “Mobility Center” here either, since according to the developers of this edition, this is an unnecessary addition, which is also not often used by users who are just starting to learn about a personal computer.
  • - There is no "Desktop Manager". Made in this for the reason that beginners can personally make to the system such adjustments that are unacceptable for it. Thus, the absence of this option is a kind of restriction of users from themselves.
  • It is not possible for this system to support multiple monitors, as initially, it is not designed for such a large-scale workload and this kind of computational processes.
  • In addition, the system is designed for users working in the home environment, because it does not have the ability to offer "Fast switching between users", which is in a sense logical, because such software is purchased most often for a single consumer.
  • There is no possibility to perform versatile settings of the "Desktop" by means of changing the background image and in carrying additional changes to the visual appearance of the OS. You’ll have to work essentially constantly in the same environment, though, no one can prevent you from installing some add-ons to change the visual appearance of the work environment.
  • About handwriting recognition, it's also worth forgetting here, because the software is not intended for this procedure, and in this, its simplicity also lies.
  • It will not be possible to start the emulator of the previous OS represented by Windows XP. The reason for this restriction, as previously banal - the most simple entry-level software kernel.
  • Spending leisure time on games and other entertainment set by developers from Microsoft won't work here either, because there’s nothing like the licensed Windows 7 Starter will not be able to offer you because there are no corresponding gaming applications in it.

Of course, anyone who reads all of the above, it may seem that this is not a full-fledged system of the seventh generation, but a kind of “stub”, which, they are trying to sell to something that does not understand users in a beautiful wrapper. In part, you'll be absolutely right, but just look at all this from the other side and then, it will become clear to you that it is possible that you could be very wrong:

  • The minimum number of system settings in all its corners, indicates only that the developers are worried about users and do not want them to try to customize those areas of the OS that they have not yet been studied. Such restrictions allow using the system in the “as is” mode and there is nothing to worry about.
  • Constantly receiving updates without interfering with this user process, allows the OS to independently download and install all necessary additions in the form of updates. Thus, the system update will depend only on it, and not on the user, who now and then forgets something or does not understand.
  • The minimum number of different applications and other pre-installed programs only indicates that the developers tried to unload their software as much as possible so that it would be easier for you to work with it.
  • The support of not the most modern “hardware” is one of the best alternatives for using the system on old computers and laptops, which with its help will be able to acquire a new look, since the operating system in them will simply not be easy to “fly”.

Generally, if you have never worked on operating systems of this type, then you will like everything described above very much, because the software of this level is very practical in terms of use, which is very important for: work, study and entertainment. You can get only positive emotions from this program and study it completely and completely... And if you need to develop and expand your knowledge, you can move on to something more complex and extensive in terms of settings and working capabilities. Thus, we offer to buy a Windows 7 Starter license to everyone who really needs such a progressive and at the same time not complex operating system with all the limitations and extensions arising from its use, because every user can find here , something unique for yourself.

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Как всегда молодцы! Активация выполнена.Спасибо.

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Спасибо, все работает!

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Все работает. Активировалась Windows 10 home без проблем.

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Спасибо.Моя 10-тая покупка на этом сайте.!10 из 10 И всё идеально работает и активация проходит на ура!Ещё раз спасибо Вам братцы за труды и ключи.

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Отлично все активировалось с нуля. Ставил Windows с нуля на новый комп с оригинального образа от MicroSoft.

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Спасибо. Всё работает. Идеально для ноутбука до 2 Гб ОЗУ !

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