Windows 8.1 Enterprise on 2 PC

Windows 8.1 Enterprise on 2 PC
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If you refer yourself to the user of a computer or laptop that does not have the normal capabilities of the Windows 8.1 operating system, then we suggest purchasing a Windows 8.1 Enterprise key, which was developed by Microsoft for other purposes than simple work at the computer.

If we consider the Enterprise edition, which is so in demand with the use of the G8, then it is worth noting that this version of software today can be called one of the most optimal for users who refer themselves to larger developers and even companies, and sometimes , even are corporations that need software with a corporate license. Thanks to this software, any computer can get a program that is as full as possible of all the add-ons and applications that only can be in Windows 8.1.

Key Benefits of Windows 8.1 Enterprise

  • For the moment, this is one of the most stable editions of the operating system of the eighth generation, since it was primarily calculated when creating not on a typical PC user, but at enterprises where system stability is a priority.
  • This version of the system has the ability to run some applications from other applications, which is very convenient when working with several completely different applications that have the ability to create a kind of "grid" at work, where you can transfer the finished result from application to application and gradually modify it.
  • If necessary, any user can customize the size of the "tiles", which is very convenient, since this edition of the system has up to four variations in the size of the icons, which allows you to optimize the OS for your requirements.
  • The system will allow you to open up to four windows of different sizes simultaneously, which is also very important when working simultaneously in several applications or with a number of different documents.
  • If necessary, you can easily use the advanced setup menu, which is relevant when setting up the operating system for certain work opportunities.
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise has the ability to search the necessary information on the Internet using the search engine Bing. This system is installed by default and has a very good search speed.
  • If necessary, the user of the PC can connect to the computer, both the touch keyboard and the usual one.
  • It is possible to update all applications installed on your computer without problems. In addition, the update of the system itself occurs without any problems and interferences for the users.
  • If necessary, you can connect to your computer multiple monitors, which also increases the working space with its lack.
  • If you have a need to install desktop applications, then this version of the system, also you will realize your need.
  • Number of physical processes for this OS is two, and the maximum amount of RAM is 512 GB.
  • Uniquity of Win 8.1 is also that it has one of the most powerful security systems, which allows you to monitor processes in any of their manifestations, which minimizes the penetration of viruses into the OS and theft of personal data.
  • Among the innovative moments associated with the security system, it is also worth noting that in this version of the program there is a graphic password, family security, multifactor authentication, there is a secure download, built-in Windows Defender 12, preinstalled Windows Smart Screen and much more, that is responsible for the security of your system.

Considering this software for purchase and weighing all its positive and negative sides, it becomes clear that the activation key of Windows 8.1 Enterprise to date is practically the optimal version of the software in the lyceum of the operating system that has quite adequate cost and with everything, thus, gives the chance to receive more expanded possibilities on management of the computer. It is due to the versatility of this version of the OS that it can allow you to look at the work of the PC in a completely new way, since you will no longer face the huge number of problems that you might have had earlier in the editions that are not related to "Enterprise".

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