Configuring Windows 10

For a long time, on the Internet there is a debate about the emergence of women's Windows 10, which is several times more practical and convenient for women to use it, because the software has a slightly different shape The building, which is just perfect for a woman's mind. That's just not looking at the extensive propaganda and promotion of the above rumors on the Internet, we want to say with full confidence that there is nothing like this, because the specialized software, Microsoft does not release, except for some of the niches that are connected :

  • With people who have limitations in terms of physical abilities or visual abilities.
  • With people who use highly specialized OS variations, as they need them to work.

Thus, it turns out that the creation of a female operating system and speech can not go, because no one who does not create it and even in the plans of this idea there! Just imagine that if there is at least one OS that will be positioned on the basis of gender, then immediately, it will be necessary to create a second version of the same system, and then the third and fourth, for children of different sex, and if you drip even deeper, you can get to grandparents. Therefore, there is nothing like it in terms of creation, the developer is not a developer and can not be.

Why is the female Windows 10 so advertised on the network?

The essence of this advertising often comes down to enticing non-minded users, in particular women, who are just beginning to master the PC and force them to use the so-called "assemblies" of systems, which, in no case, are not licensed. It is these editorial programs that are not clean by the hand of programmers, personally "sorted", throw out of a full-fledged OS everything that they think is superfluous and at the same time add something extra to the system. In addition, cases are not uncommon when a virus is introduced into the "top ten", which leads:

  • Hidden tracking of the user.
  • Steals user data.
  • Steals the payment details of the user.
  • Makes a computer "zombies".

In general, there are so many hidden virus threats that at some point, you begin to understand that the system can do without user intervention at all, as it completely and completely submits to third parties, both by means of programming and by means direct control.

So it turns out that once biting on the trick of the attacker, you can find yourself in a situation where you will regret for a long time about the thoughtless step, which later, brought to your life a huge amount of discomfort.

What Windows 10 should women use?

This is a very rhetorical question, since in this situation everything will only hang from the specific needs of the female who is going to use this program. You need to initially choose the priorities of using the computer and only after that, think about how to buy something on the Internet. As it seems to us, if you use your device only at home and to perform non-specialized working moments, then in this case, you should use the following editions of the system:

  • Windows 10 Home - is the optimal version of the system, which is in some way a medium, where there is a necessary set of tools for managing the system and additional settings that can be automated (without user intervention).
  • Windows 10 S - this is probably the female system, since it has a minimal set of customizable options, which allows it to work without any problems, provided that the user does not have anything to configure in it.
  • Windows 10 Pro - a variation of the system, which is considered one of the most advanced among themselves similar, which allows it to be used by a larger number of users in more advanced directions. There is an opportunity to tune the system practically, anytime and anywhere.

As you can see, there are no problems at all so that you can choose for yourself the version of the system that could meet your basic requirements! Simply, you prioritize in the area in which you intend to work and then select the version of the system that will answer them.

Are there free editions of Windows 10?

"Free cheese, only in a mousetrap" and we have already tried to explain this to you in the most detailed manner, so do not take yourself to a head and do not become a victim of your own mistakes, especially in modern realities, there is always the opportunity to purchase a licensed software for very reasonable price, which, in some cases, will be only a couple of hundred rubles. Well, if you need something more, you will not have to overpay too much for the additional features of the system, since the price tag will still be quite restrained and adequate.

Summing up...

Do not try to deceive the system that has been building for years and do not believe the numerous rumors spread by fraudsters on the Internet, as often, all this is created only in order to lure credulous individuals into their networks who do not want to pay for the license, but when this, they want to use good software with thematic design.

It should also be noted that any OS, you can independently ennoble using additional skins for it and changing the color scheme of the internal design in it. So, without specialized knowledge, you can implement everything in Windows in a way that is convenient for you, both in terms of design and in terms of settings.

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